Animal Noise Barking

 Important notes:  Unreasonable barking includes continuous barking for 15 minutes or intermittent barking of 30 minutes or more.  Fine up to $1000.00. 

Basketball Playing Prohibited in Right of Way and Streets

Important notes: Do not place permanent or portable basketball poles, rims or backboards within right or ways or streets. Fine up to $1000.00. 

Bethany Rd. Weight Restriction

Important notes: No vehicle Class 5 or above shall travel on Bethany Rd. between Memorial Blvd. and the county line. Fine of $75.00. 


Important notes: Burning only on Tuesday and Saturday between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Fine up to $1000.00.  This ordinance applies to Zoning areas: I-2, R-1, R-2, C-1 and C-2.  Please know which zone you are in before you burn.  The PA DEP regulation limits items to be burned as: paper, cardboard, wood and other similar cellulose material.  No domestic refuse, plastics, rubber material or other items shall be burned. 


Important notes: Persons under 18 shall not remain in or upon any street, alleys, parks or public places in the Township between 10:00 P.M. and until 6:00 A.M.  Fine up to $15.00.

Grass & Yard Waste Deposited on Road

Important notes: No person shall deposit grass, yard waste or debris in the roads, streets and alleys in the Township. Fine up $1000.00.

Grass and Weeds

Important notes: Residential area properties grass and weeds not to exceed six (6) inches. Fine up to $50.00.


Important notes: No person shall loaf, lounge or loiter in public or on private property without the owner’s permission. Fine up to $300.00.

Numbering of Buildings

Important notes: To ensure a better delivery of emergency services all buildings shall be clearly marked with the building number / address.  Fine up to $1000.00.

Open Containers

Important notes: No person shall possess an open container of wine or alcoholic beverage in public places. Fine up to $300.00.

Parking & Snow & Ice 2-8-95

Important notes: Regulations of the parking of vehicles during a declared Snow Emergencies.

Parking 9-8-76 Ord. # 11

Important note: Full parking regulations when adopted in September, 1976.  This has been updated and amended.

Parking 9-8-82

Important note: Added no parking on the north side of Main St. from the Railroad Bridge on the East side to the Mill Creek Bridge on the West side.

Parking 12-14-83

Important notes: Added no parking along both sides of East Alumni Ave. from Ash Road to North Sheridan Road.

Parking Amendment 8-12-15

Important notes: Increased fines for parking violations to up to $50.00 plus costs / $35.00 if paid within 5 days. 

Peddling & Soliciting

Important notes: No person shall engage in peddling, canvassing or soliciting from house to house without a license issued by the Township. Fine up to $1000.00.

Snow and Ice 2-8-95

Important notes: Snow and Ice Clearing Ordinance. This Ordinance was updated and amended.  Fine of $15.00 plus costs for the first offense and up to $50.00 plus costs for any subsequent offense.

Snow and Ice Amendment 6-8-16

Important notes: Amendment includes changes to Section 3 & 4 of Ordinance 2/8/95, including adding pathway shall not be less than thirty inches wide and shall be thoroughly cleared of snow, ice and other obstructions, not more than 24 hours after the end of a winter storm. The pathway must remain clear and be kept clear.